About Me


hi, i'm Jane and I really really love food.

I think it’s safe to say that I am obsessed with food…the history, the method, the look, the sound, the feel, the smell, and of course, the taste.

I’ve been obsessed with food my entire life and that became very clear to me at a young age when I found myself more curious about the meals served in novels instead of the story itself, when I would spend hours in the kitchen watching my parents cook instead of watching cartoons, and even when I found myself the happiest I’d ever been after making french fries for my Mario-Kart-playing cousins at the age of 12.

This life-long passion of mine has led me through many incompatible outlets, and eventually, to my own blog. My friends know that I can go on and on and on about food, so to relieve their pain and to express my love, my thoughts on food will be shared in this online food diary.

As a passionate food-lover, I’m always curious of the roots (sometimes literally) of a certain dish or food. My other passion for travel allows me to dive into this curiosity and find connections with people’s worlds and lives.

I’m a huge advocate for food tourism or just the notion of learning about other people and cultures through their food and lifestyle. This has led me to becoming a Food Tour Guide in Houston. Sharing my love and knowledge for food and the food industry is one of the greatest gifts in my world. I hope you can receive some of that joy through your monitor with every excited word that I type!