About Me


hi, i'm Jane and I really really love food.

My entrance into food blogging has been a long time coming, and if you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I also started officially blogging in 2015 until all my content got erased. That was a bit of a blow, I was on a blogging hiatus since then, but in that break, I rediscovered my reason for starting up my blog. Simply said, it’s this…I love food and I love sharing my love for food. I love talking about food, I love analyzing food, and I of course, love enjoying food.

To me, it’s not all about the taste or the look, there’s a lot of other mind-shifting elements that go into food as well- like how it can break down your own boundaries, how it can help you learn about other people, and how it can bring people together. Yes, you can have a delicious meal or an extraordinary dish, but what’s really happening in that moment? To me, it’s the most transformative when it’s incredible, and it makes me think, or proves me wrong. I think I love that the most…when food just smacks you across the face and tells you, “see, I told you.” In reality, amazing food humbles me.

I also believe that food and travel go hand-in-hand. I’m a huge advocate and expresser of food tourism. Food is the best way to understand another culture- everything down to how they get food, how they make it, how they eat it- it really shows you what this culture values and where they came from.

That is completely true to Houston as well. I’m a Food Tour Guide for Taste of Houston Food Tours, which I love doing- it allows me to further share my love of food with people. Sharing food is the most amazing way to relate to others, as humans. Food brings us together.

I’m sure by now you can tell that food brings out an introspective quality in me- this introspection has become the most valuable, fun, sometimes heartbreaking, but incredibly enriching thing in my life. It’s something I never want to live without again. By now, this is who I am and how I think, but I have a lot of people and experiences to thank too. I’ve also found something in life that daily invokes all this self-exploration and higher consciousness, a little something called yoga. I’ve practiced for a couple of years, but January 2016, I took the jump to getting certified to teach yoga, packed my bags, head off to India, and completed my month-long teacher training in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. It was the most amazing experience of my life, and I’m excited to share bits and pieces of it with all of you.

So that’s basically what this blog is all about…my love for food, travel, and yoga, and the connection between all of them – the thoughts and feelings they provoke, and the life that it changes.


May the ice cream be ever in your flavor. NOMaste.