Rishikesh: The Pancake/Crepe Thing that Shut Me Up

So during my one month stay in Rishikesh, India last January, I got to try a lot of things. The Indian food.....was surprisingly not as good as the quality you get at Houston's beloved Hillcroft Indian restaurants. Why is that..? Quality of ingredients? I'm still not that sure myself.


But what I didn't expect to knock me off my feet was this sorta pancake/crepe-kinda thing at a very unassuming Vegan restaurant. Yeah, Vegan!!! 

Rishikesh is a holy city, and many of their restaurants do not serve animal products. I've always been a little wary of Vegan desserts, just because I love the properties and taste that dairy bring to a dessert, but this just completely blew that all out of the park. See, I love when food does that. It just proves you wrong and breaks down your own boundaries.

Anyway, this pancake/crepe-type thing was SO good. It was slightly perfumed with lemon, so lightly crisped up on both sides, just like you get from a good pan-fried dough, and soft, and slightly dense on the inside. Drizzled with some honey?! Wait wait wait, is it Vegan or not? It may have been a honey substitute...that would explain why it was so much thinner than honey. 

It was the PERFECT dessert- not too sweet, flavorful, full of getting-weak-in-the-knees textures. My favorite part was definitely the contrast of texture from the slightly crispy outside and the almost-eggy-texture inside....how'd they do that?!?!


May the ice cream be ever in your flavor. NOMaste.